Friday, August 1, 2008

Miracles of Modern Science

sweed-a Now that it is August, we can turn our attention away from the Presidential race, the plummeting economy, the two wars we're fighting, and focus solely on what's important: NFL training camp.

This first whiff of pro football (sorry AFL, I don't care how many "bowls" you've had) has gone straight to everyone's head, including the writers and editors at the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

Second-rounder Limas Sweed was recently diagnosed with astigmatism, and just look at the rapturous, mystified coverage:

When the Steelers still weren't satisfied with how Sweed was picking up the ball during practice, they sent him for another eye exam.

Sweed said the eye doctor had him look through a number of different lenses before finding the right prescription for what he has.

"The last thing he clicked, I could see perfect, clear," Sweed said. "No squinting, nothing."

Are you rapt by the expose on the techniques of optometry? Do you like how the writer makes that last click ("better with one...or two?  One...or two?  Now better with A...or B? A...or B?") so dramatic?  I know I do!

PS: Let's go, Steelers!

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